Halden Zimmermann Reviews Randi Glazer’s 12 Strategies Book

Having previous experience in the insurance industry as well as a fairly thorough understanding of the responsibilities typically required of an underwriter, I, Halden Zimmermann, found Randi Glazer’s book to be particularly enlightening and certainly believe insurance professionals of any experience level would benefit significantly from investing the time needed to read this brief but information-dense text. Ms. Glazer succeeds in engaging the reader with personal anecdotes drawn from her many years of experience in the profession while simultaneously explaining the lessons learned from those experiences.

In passing on these lessons to the reader, Ms. Glazer has created what is essentially a blueprint for a long and rewarding career as a professional in all areas of the insurance industry. She begins with an overview of her early experience as an up-and-coming professional while working as an inland marine and property package underwriter and discusses how she benefited from the mentoring provided by some of her more experienced colleagues.

Detailing how these early experiences continually shaped the remainder of her career, Ms. Glazer goes on to take the reader through a career that includes extensive international travel and the opportunity to serve in a variety of critical leadership positions. Through a thorough analysis of her varied and extensive successes, Ms. Glazer has developed a system that includes several highly effective strategies for surviving and thriving in the insurance industry, and it is through the application of these strategies that readers of this book can enjoy a level of career success similar to that of Ms. Glazer’s.

Why I’m reviewing books

I love to read and since there are so many books to read I wanted a way to catalog everything that I’m reading. I’ll be reviewing and publishing each review as I finish. 10 years from now, when we’re all in flying cars, I’ll be able to read my review and see what I liked and didn’t like. I might even want to re-read a few of the best books!

Review on Halden Zimmermann’s New Book Says It’s Nothing You’ve Read Before


Today it seems like everyone is running some sort of blog. There are blogs all over the Internet that cover just about every topic known to man. You can find blogs on how to start a business, how to publish a book, how to raise your child, ratings, reviews, technology, politics; the list literally does go on and on. With all the blogs that are on the web today, how do you stand out? Better yet, how do you benefit from the growing “Era of the Blog”?

I, Halden Zimmermann, have had the answer to benefitting from blogs and riding that wave of income he receives from my own blogs. Such wealth of knowledge and information is a shame to let go to waste, right? Especially if it means holding it all in for yourself. This is why I have taken the time and all my experience I have in blogging and put everything in a book entitled, “Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High-Impact Blogs for Life-Changing Income.”

The book has been out as a fresh release since November 12th of 2015 and already the wisdom, knowledge and experience confined within these pages has people loving it! If you are unsure, you can read an in depth review from Julie on her blog.

Unlike other blogging guides and programs, Mr. Zimmerman’s “high-impact” approach is based on the concept that increased income cannot be truly life changing if the income increase comes with greater responsibilities or increased demands on time.