Luigi Wewege Reviews Wide Range of Summer Reading Options

Woman reading a bookWith summer upon us and bringing with it long days filled with warmth and sunshine, it’s worth remembering just how enjoyable it can be to spend a few hours each day tucked away beneath the shade of a tall tree with nothing more than the comfort of a good book. Luigi Wewege, an avid reader with diverse literary interests, offered a wide range of options ideal for readers unsure of what books they should pick up and read throughout the summer months.

According to the literature enthusiast, the summer season is the ideal time to expand one’s horizons and to take advantage of the longer daylight hours to really become engrossed in a work of literature that is completely new and unique. Readers who are unfamiliar with the work of Eastern European authors might enjoy Mikhail Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita,” while those interested in exploring the literature of Scandinavia might pick up a copy of Knut Hansum’s “Hunger.”

While these specific recommendations certainly represent excellent literary options, summertime readers should keep in mind how important it is to support local bookstores and libraries whenever possible. When seeking advice on summertime literature, there is often no better place to find guidance than from those working at a local bookstore. A brief conversation regarding favorite authors and cherished books with the passionate readers one typically finds in a bookstore may lead to the discovery of new books a summertime reader may have never otherwise discovered.

Luigi Wewege Reviews Classic Works of Contemporary American Literature


luigi wewege reviews american literatureThe American literary tradition is dominated by such exceptionally weighty 20th century figures that many wonderful authors have been overshadowed by the works of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner and the like, and Luigi Wewege believes the “rock-star status” accorded to these individuals has generated both positive and negative outcomes deserving of further analysis. It is also worth noting the sizable impact that certain authors — Ayn Rand’s influence on conservatism and libertarianism being a prime example — have had on shaping American economic policy and the ideals advocated by both employers and employees.

Wewege, a finance expert and a longtime connoisseur of all works of literature, American or otherwise, believes that the American literary tradition in particular continues to thrive precisely because of the long shadows cast by literary icons of the 20th century as well as the tremendous influence ideas espoused through literature continue to have on society at large. The very idea that a single work of literature could have such a profound and lasting influence on the ideologies of multiple political parties is more than enough to encourage the most creative, intelligent and idealistic members of American society to devote themselves entirely to the literary craft.